“I assure you, as often as you did it to the least of my brothers, you did it to me” (Matthew 25: 40). 

With these beautiful but convicting words Jesus laid before us a wonderful path to salvation.  Those in need win as their needs are supplied and we win the blessing of Jesus!  To those who have been given much, much is required. 

The poor, weak and disadvantaged become channels of blessings for us, but many do not have a way to reach them. We would like to share with you some things we do that we invite you to help with and become a part of.  There is no limit to the possibilities of blessings!


We have known for many years a wonderful Carmelite Sister from Zimbabwe.  She felt the Lord calling her to minister to couples.  Family violence and infidelity are rampant in the society there.  We sponsored her to get training in India because family is the foundation of the Church.  She was doing great work until Covid 19 hit her Motherhouse.

“The Carmelite sisters are very grateful for the funding received from Nancy and Lloyd. This assistance came at the right time when the congregation was in crisis due to the covid 19 pandemic. A number of sisters were infected such that the mother house was turned into an isolation centre. It was a dark moment for us with little or no hope of surviving. All the infected were cared for at this centre and a number of nurses were deployed. Some of the sisters who were not infected were assigned to provide food for the sick sisters. It was a confusing and fearful moment.
The funding was used for the provision of food stuffs and fruits to the old aged sisters’ home and medical equipment such as Oxygen gauge, Oxymeter, oxygen administration tubings and masks.  We were in dire need of these things as some of the sister’s

conditions were getting worse. Unfortunately one was lost and we thank God all the other 28 sisters survived. We continue to praise God and offer each other psychosocial support as some are still having residual effects of covid 19. 

May God bless you all.”



She is just one of the many heroes we have met. 

 Covid 19 has also struck at the heart of the Church in Africa.  Governments have shut down all public assembly.  This includes Masses.  Priests in Africa do not receive funds from the Diocese.  They rely on the generosity of their parishioners who bring food and other essential items to the Offertory at Masses.  That is now impossible, and the priests are struggling just to eat.  God has given us a way to help!

Through our friend Joseph Aonu at the Emmaus Center in Uganda and his close relationship with Bishops across the country we have worked out a win, win program.  We have sent thousands of dollars to the Bishops of several dioceses who distribute funds to the neediest of the priests.  The priests then say 20 private Masses for the intentions of their donors. This has worked out wonderfully well and many of our donors have already experienced miracles!  We have instituted this program in several dioceses.  YOU CAN JOIN US!  Here is a letter of appreciation from the Bishop of Soroti, Uganda

 Dear Mr. Lloyd,

 Lenten greetings to you in Christ the Lord.  I am writing in gratitude to you for all the great work you are doing in the mission lands especially in Africa, Soroti Catholic Diocese.  Thank you for supporting the priests in my Diocese with the Mass Stipends we have always received through Mr. Joseph Aonu Okiror. A very devout Christian dedicated in serving the Church of Christ and in good standing with the Catholic Church in Soroti Diocese. 

 I am happy to report to you that my office received the Mass Stipends with attached Intentions which were allocated to designated priests in the Diocese for their satisfaction. Kindly find attached duly filled Forms for the satisfaction of the Mass Intentions which began on 28th January, 2021.

My office also received another set of Mass Stipends with attached Mass Intentions through Mr. Joseph Aonu Okiror. They are already allocated to designated diocesan priests for their satisfaction. The priests started celebrating the Masses today, Tuesday March 23, 2021. I will ensure that the Forms for Mass Intentions Satisfaction are duly filled and sent to you after completion. I will always ensure that the priests Celebrate as many Masses as possible in regard to the given intentions.

Thank you once again for being mindful of the well-being of priests of Soroti Catholic Diocese. I hereby request you put the priests of Soroti Catholic Diocese into your kind consideration. Be assured of my prayers for you and your family.   May the Lord bless the work of your hands.

Sincerely yours in the Lord,

Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Eciru Oliach,

Bishop of Soroti Catholic Diocese, PO. Box, 650, Soroti, Uganda,Tel: +256 783 243 968.


On our many Renewal Ministries sponsored trips to Haiti with Haiti Missions, Inc.    we saw the tremendous needs of the people.  Lack of clean water, hurricanes, poverty, Cholera and other diseases have taken a deadly toll on the lives and futures of the people there. 

HMI saw the needs and is answering them as best they can.  They have drilled over 100 water wells so the people can have clean, pure water.  Sickness is radically reduced.  They have opened 3 schools as education was almost unknown.  

They are currently building approximately 3 new homes each month and give them away for free!  They have begun a program with the help of a generous sponsor that we can help with.  A new masonry home that is built to sustain hurricane force winds costs $7500.  The sponsor will match half so we can build these beautiful people a new home for $3750. 

With the help from our donors we have built two so far!